Vengeance 101

Find Out How It All Begins…

Megan Aequitas is the only vengeance demon and trickster hybrid ever born. Unbeknownst to her family, she has always yearned to become a licensed member of the vengeance trade. There is something about punishing wrongdoers that just speaks to her at a primal level…

But being born into the vengeance race was one thing—well, being half born into it, anyway—and being professionally qualified as a vengeance demon is quite another.

Getting admitted into the elite vengeance training program is only the first step. Afterwards, Megan has to deal with professors and students who doubt her right to be there, trickster siblings who mortify her with their pranks…and, worst of all, her terrifying and powerful grandmother, who promises expulsion from the program if Megan steps as much as a single toe out of line. But Megan is determined to achieve her dreams, no matter what the cost—and it soon becomes clear that what everyone views to be her greatest weakness may actually present an interesting advantage.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling and hilarious ride as you journey with Megan in this prequel to the highly original and creative Vengeance Demons series!

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